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Decluttering the Magazines

New Magazines 


he kids brought in the mail today, and there were three brand new magazines for me.  “MOM – YOU HAVE ENOUGH MAGAZINES ALREADY!!!” was the comment – which I hear each month!  (Sometimes I get subscriptions as rewards for blogging . . . so I do get quite a few).  Since I was not feeling the best, it was a good time, to sit and go through them.  I have been whittling down on them. So, since I got quite a ways through them, I thought I’d share what I have been doing with things I wanted to save.

It used to be, I saved all the recipes in a big album type book.  I still have that and still use it. But, I want to cut down on space.  So, I have been taking pictures of various things with my phone, and saving it on  SpringPad is a free phone app AND you can access it online on your computer as well.  To simplify it, Springpad is a way of storing organized information, from pictures, to recipes, to really any content you want to keep safe. Folders are made and each folder can be made private or public.  Most of mine are private.

One easy part of the app is that when I want to put a new item in a folder, I can use my camera.  So today, I saved many recipes and some home ideas.  I took a picture of the item, then an actual picture of the recipe, instead of typing it all in. After I take each picture it will ask if I want to save it or not.  And, it’s saved!  I can access it on my phone if I am in the store, or look at it on my computer.

This picture below shows each page – though is downsized since it is copyrighted material, I cannot show the full recipe.

mag A

So, when I even look at these recipes, I know I have the FULL recipe.  With handwriting them, it’s easy to omit something – or make it 1 tablespoon instead of 1/2 teaspoon!

I have folders for gardening, school, holiday recipes, etc.

And today I got rid of about 20 magazines!  They are going with my daughters to school for one of their classes.

Goodbye Magazines

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2 thoughts on “Decluttering the Magazines

  1. Great idea! Also good for saving all those artworks our kids made–I’ve got folders and scrapbooks of those! Besides no longer taking up space, they won’t tear or fade.

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