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Five Minute Friday: To {SEE} Like Hagar


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love the story of Hagar.  She was Sarah’s slave.  Sarah could not get pregnant, so she told Abraham, her husband, to go sleep with Hagar.  He did it. She conceived.  And then Sarah started mistreating Hagar.  I can only imagine the jealous that Sarah must have felt, and the guilt Hagar felt. Hagar ran away.  But an angel stopped her and questioned what she was doing and where she was going and told her to go back to Sarah and submit to her, that God had seen her misery, and gave her a promise that the son she was carrying would bring so many descendants that, like the stars, they never could all be counted.  And Hagar’s response is precious:

Angel Visits Hagar in the Wilderness  by Gheorge Tattarescu c. 1870

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”  Genesis 16:13

Hagar knew at that instant, when the angel spoke to her, how much God loved her.  She knew God could see her running away.  She knew God could see her when she was with Abraham.  Didn’t she deserve to be mistreated by Sarah for being with Abraham?  Sin is still sin, right?  Isn’t that what what we say?  Don’t we cast out those that are sinning, and know better.  Do we ever put our arm around someone who is back slidden, as we say now, and tell them we love them, are praying, want them back – or do we ignore them until they are right with God?  But, oh, God looks and see us – yearns for us, wants  us, to wipe it all away, if only we’d go to Him.  We’ve got many stains, which He wipes away – and He no longer sees. Yet, we seem to want to see it – remind ourselves of our past, our failures and then others see it.

If only we’d see like Hagar . . . we might see Jesus more!

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  1. hi loni, i think i’ve read your blog b/f. i’m your neighbor at FMF. am heading to bed so we can head out of town in the morning. yes, i know i’m very late! enjoyed your post on hagar. thanks so much:)

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