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Learning about New Zealand


hat a great advantage our children have when they do research for school, compared to when I was growing up. Do you remember looking through card catalogs and lugging heavy encyclopedias around as you did research?  Now it’s just a few clicks on the computer and there’s so much current information and pictures right before our eyes.  Right now we have been looking up on New Zealand.  Though New Zealand has four distinct seasons, you will not find the seasons to be extreme.  So their mild temperatures are nice all year around, that you do not have to plan to visit just during a certain time of the year.  I like reading too that there are no creepy crawly creatures to worry about and the crime rate is quite low there too.

I can imagine some people just really enjoying their visit to New Zealand and actually wanting a second home there.  Of course, that’s out of my dream perspective and even though New Zealanders are known for their warm, friendly and hospitable personality, especially towards tourists,  it still may be very wise to hire Property Lawyers Auckland to be certain everything is done legally when purchasing property or a home in New Zealand.  Who knows! Maybe some business entrepreneur would want to move their permanent home there and open an American restaurant! Since Hot Chef Equipment is an ideal place to buy kitchen and restaurant equipment and will deliver purchases anywhere in New Zealand, freight free, it’s certainly a place to consider.  I would not want to do this.

What intrigues me with New Zealand is their widespread campgrounds, many of which are free. It’s amazing to learn that some 200 million tourists also enjoy camping in New Zealand. A bill was passed into law in 2011 called the Freedom Camping Act which can impose a $200 instant fine for those camping illegally and a fine of up to $10,000 for those who incorrectly dump sewerage.  I imagine with so many camping, these kinds of laws had to be made.  Many campgrounds come with fully furnished kitchens and recreation rooms.  If we could afford a trip to New Zealand, I’d love to find campervans for sale or rent, and be able to move about to discover more of New Zealand.  There is so much to do and see in New Zealand, from enjoying the thick native bush, listening to the birdsong, exploring the Conservation tracks, or panning for gold.  How about fishing for Trout and Salmon for dinner around the campfire?  It sounds very relaxing.  

If you have been to New Zealand, I’d love to hear about your visit and what you enjoyed and what you did there.



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