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4 Signs It’s Time To Background Check Your Neighbors


t is extremely important to feel safe and secure in the comfort of your own home.  P2If you don’t have this peace of mind, then it can end up wreaking havoc on you and your family because you’ll always be worried about whether or not there is danger lurking nearby. Your neighbors will ultimately play a pivotal role in whether or not you feel safe at home, so if you become suspicious of anyone living next door or down the street, you should be proactive in order to make sure you’re not in danger.

So, what can you do? Well one of the best (and easiest) options is to go online and run a quick background check on their name. Lots of services like can provide you with background reports about the person you’re curious about. You can uncover important details of anyone’s history, such as whether or not your neighbors have a criminal record, or if anyone nearby is a registered sex offender. You may feel a little paranoid, but it’s better to find out if your suspicions are warranted, or if your neighbors are just a little strange (but harmless). Check out the list below for four signs it’s time to background check your neighbors!

1. They Avoid Other Neighbors And Community Activities

When you live in a neighborhood (especially a quaint suburb) it’s common for neighbors to get together and socialize with one another. Backyard BBQs, block parties, pool parties, etc. are all events that are likely to take place. This is especially true for adults who have young kids because kids living in the same neighborhood probably attend the same school, which makes it even more likely that they (and their families) will spend time together. So, if certain people are antisocial and avoid other neighbors and group gatherings, it should raise a bit of suspicion. If that’s the case, then it might be time to run a quick background check to see who’s really living next door.

2. They Have Guests Coming And Going Frequently

Do your neighbors have random guests coming and going at all hours? Are people just stopping by for a few minutes and then leaving? Well, that’s not a good sign because that could mean your neighbors are running some sort of secret business operation from inside their house. When this type of situation occurs, it’s a telltale sign of drug dealing, and no one wants to live near people who are selling drugs—out of their home. If you notice any suspicious activity of this nature, then it’s time to run a background check.

3. They Never Open Their Curtains Or Windows

Are there people on your street who keep their windows and curtains shut at all times? If so, then it shows that they’re being extra secretive, and that they don’t want anyone to see inside their home. Unless your neighbor is allergic to sunlight, staying inside all day is a suspicious way to live. You never know what the person next door is hiding ,but a quick background check could give you the answers you’re looking for.

4. They Install A CIA-Grade Surveillance System

P1Tons of people choose to install security systems in their homes, which is great, because it’s an extra step toward optimal home safety. However, there is a point where people can cross the line from cautious to crazy, and that’s where things start to look a little sketchy. A normal security system would never call for a secret service-style setup, so if your neighbors take their surveillance to extremes, then they’re obviously worried about keeping tabs on who is coming and going from their home. Granted, they may just be super paranoid, but you should background check them anyway just to be sure.

Do YOU think it’s a good idea for people to background check their neighbors? Let us know in the comments!

About the author:
Robbie Sterling is a blogger from Los Angeles, CA.
He specializes in writing about neighborhood safety and security.



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2 thoughts on “4 Signs It’s Time To Background Check Your Neighbors

  1. Well, I’m a 3 out of 4 on this checklist, but am no danger at all to my neighbors! I really DO have a sun allergy! I get second degree burns from fairly brief sun exposure. Because of that, we don’t socialize outdoors in the neighborhood (we socialize at place like Church) and we tend to host people in our home instead of meeting them in the street. But, we’re okay – really! : )

    1. I can understand your thoughts Anna! LOL! This was a guest post, you can see on the bottom about the author! We socialize at church too – and with our neighbors – but certainly not in our below zero weather right now! 🙂 I’m okay and I am sure you are too! 🙂

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