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Why Read to a Baby?


arents are excited and proud when their baby learns to say a few words.  From infancy onward, of course, the baby has been listening and learning language.  The skill of saying the words aloud is just the tip of the iceberg. Inside their developing brains, babies are ripe for knowledge. They soak up everything that they see and hear.  Reading books to them can enrich their knowledge and lay the foundation for a richer vocabulary at an early age.

BookReading to an infant may seem silly, but they love the sound of your voice and they are learning the nuances of language. By reading to them from all sorts of sources, parents can create an atmosphere of learning.  As they get old enough to see pictures, then the real interaction between language and visual cues really begins. Personalized baby books can deliver a one-two punch of learning. One of the first words that a baby recognizes is the baby’s own name. After all, it is usually said again and again by the parents. If it is said in a book, then the baby becomes more alert to the text that the parent or grandparent is reading. This provides both enjoyment and education at the same time.

An enriched vocabulary helps babies to understand the world faster. Reading books aloud is an important and loving aspect of good parenting.



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