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Book Review: 101 Prayers & Affirmations for Spiritual Wellness (& on-line study!)

Iam excited to share with you, a new book that I received to review, 101 Prayers and Affirmations for Spiritual Wellness. I like it!  I really like it!  This book is ideal for helping you dig deeper into your personal relationship with God, get one thinking, and writing it down – many times in a prayer format.  If you are one that can be praying and even pray about something that is close to your heart, and then get side-tracked into your own thoughts, rather than praying, this is ideal!

What I really like is that the author, Mary Clewley, is walking through her book on-line on her webpage, Hope-filled Living, and on her Facebook page, January 1 – March 31. Though, of course, Mary wishes for you to buy her book, I so appreciate that these links share excerpts from her book and it is not all about buying her book.  She is sincerely encouraging her readers, both on-line and through her book, to develop or develop more of, a consistent prayer, study, solitude and worship. However, it’s nice to have this format of the book, to read, and write things down.

Please take a look at the above links. You can read what Day 1 is about. It’s thought provoking!  I am planning on joining on-line as well as going through 101 Prayers and Affirmations for Spiritual Wellness, personally.  It’s NOT too late to start or order the book!

I give this book 5 stars out of 5!


I requested a copy of this book, to read and review, which the author generously provided.  I was not told what to write. This is completely my honest opinion of the book.



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