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7 Quick Takes Friday ~ Potatoes & Good Times, WordPress Writing Prompts, Spider visit, A Broken Christmas? & More



hrough the weeks I read various things that hit my heart, and think, I should share that here – or something funny, unusual or even heart-stirring happens, that is not a full post.  Well, I found this, 7 Quick Takes that is perfect for this.  So, I am going to try it out!


— 1 —

The potato graphic caught my eye below.  I love how Eugene Petersen captures this verse in The Message version.  I read the gal’s blog regarding this – she has special needs children, and she used this verse to apply to her life right now.  I wonder how many different “special needs” we all have we can apply it to.  She ends her blog post with:

So I will continue to ask God to step in and help me out when life feels overwhelming. I won’t give up because I know He is present, ready to extend His grace again and again. He is walking by my side.

And I dream of the day that He says to me, “Well done,” and I will seat down at the feast with Him, and with my children, whose bodies will be fully restored. These seemingly hard times are small potatoes compared to the coming good times.

Me too . . .


— 2 —

WordPress is doing it again with Introducing 365 Days of Writing Prompts with an eBook all set to go!  What a great idea!  And can think ahead – write ahead, etc!

— 3 —

You know how us moms do not even get a moments peace in the bathroom, without kids knocking on the door or tattling episode #42 right outside the door?  I had a quite few moments today  . . . . until I saw this:

spider 1

Needless to say, I was not quiet.  Now, the new fear of what is lurking in the toilet paper.

— 4 —

“The silence of God is not absence.”

read on Twitter here

— 5 —

Such much brokenness around. So many aching hearts.
Might you share this with someone?
From the Time-Warp Wife on Facebook


— 6 —

Never let your setbacks cause you to give up on God.
When you’re at your lowest, look to the highest!

From the Praying Woman on Facebook

— 7 —

A quick pillow craft for stress relief.
Star of David made from an old burlap bag.

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