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Five Minute Friday: REFLECT


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oday, I  reflect. I am thinking of our 8th born child, because it’s her birthday today.  She was born almost two years after our daughter that was born still.   I so wanted another baby, a warm baby that would open her eyes and look at me – to hear a first cry – to change a poopy diaper – all things I had taken for granted.  She was due on Jesus’ birthday – but He allowed her to come at the perfect time.

reflect on her name – really, a God-given name. My husband and I were at a seminar, hearing Chuck Swindoll speak, and though I do not remember what his message was, her name, Melody Grace, came from his words. It fits her more than I ever imagined . . . a new song  – a melody in our hearts and home – because of God’s grace. When many families would have stopped having children after 3, 4, 5, etc., she was our 8th, and is such a perfect fit.

reflect on her 5th birthday – the ideal age for tea parties, and little girls dressing up.  She and her sisters played ballerinas and she got her first leotard. Six days later, her 16 year old brother died.  In the nine years that have followed, we celebrate her on this day.

We reflect on God’s goodness, His grace, and the continual new songs He puts in our hearts.  And her birthday helps us sing, even when there’s heartaches, hug and rejoice over LIFE, because there’s so much to hold on to yet, and be thankful.

Melody WATERreflect on her God-given talent, especially with art and drawing and her interpretations of God’s beauty.  She might not write words, but draws a picture that soars my heart, or carves penguins in Ivory soap and gives to an elderly man with no grandchildren, and his heart soars.  She loves Jesus in a sweet, unhindered way and reflects Jesus to her friends.  

Today, we celebrate her – the beauty of LIFE God entrusted to us – and cannot wait to see how God leads her ahead!

In my heart there rings a Melody” – Thank you Father for Melody and the melody she has brought to our hearts, over and over again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELODY GRACE!  What a special birthday gift  I reflect on every year and every day!

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: REFLECT

  1. I am so glad that you have this precious daughter to celebrate today and for the gifts that God has given her. I am sorry too for the losses you have experienced and the heartache that comes with them. Your post is beautifully written . . . a tribute to your daughter, to the God who made her, and to the children who have gone ahead. Blessings to you at this Christmas season.

  2. Through your BEAUTIFUL words, today she sang into my heart as well. 🙂 I reflect often on my, now 19 year old, daughter – and how much beauty and grace and love she has brought into the world. They are special, aren’t they? God blessed us with these children.

  3. What a beautiful sentiment and reflection on your relationship with your daughter. Being a Mom of only one girl, I can relate to the feelings of loving my little girl. Be blessed today in your celebration of grace!

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