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When Christmas Burdens

2 monthsS

o, the Christmas season is here. Is it a joyous time for you?  Are there expectations not met, sadness seeping through?  I have mixed emotions right now.  It’s our first Christmas with a grandbaby!  What joy!  It will be fun.  I DO look forward to celebrating with her, to see her eyes sparkle, to hold that new gift from God. Watching her parents, which includes one of my daughters, delight so in their new daughter . . . and watching our other children as new aunts and uncles with her – it IS such joy!  And I am so very grateful!

Yet, maybe it’s because of the car accident last week, and still feeling achy, but I’m just struggling to be upbeat.  I was so looking forward to seeing my 88 year old dad whom I’ve not seen in over 9 years  and now he’s moving from my childhood home, and missed out on seeing him and the house, and it just plain hurts as I think of him spending his last days there in a nearly empty house, most of his furniture gone. Our son’s heaven anniversary date is coming up . . . it’s not a celebration for us left behind – I miss him – this year seems harder than last year. And in the middle of it all there’s misunderstandings with a Christmas tree, of all things – what to put up – the one our son gave us years ago, or get a new one – and which one is better and which one we should spend money on – and the meaning of Christmas gets overshadowed by life stuff. There’s just expectations of hopes, that are not met – hurts and pains that linger on, and sometimes it’s just heart crushing.  And it can feel like defeat as Satan sneaks in those things that are not true . . . and I keep thinking of all the things I should be doing for “CHRISTMAS” . . . and things I want to do or do with the kids – or read – or go to – and I am not –

And then I read this . . . 

“Whenever Christmas begins to burden,
it’s a sign that I’ve taken on something of the world and not of Christ.”
Ann Voskamp

I may not make all the gifts I was hoping to or do all the Pinterest Christmas decorating pinned.  The Christmas tree that seemed to be the right one may not be up or ten pies may be never baked and put in the freezer.  I do not need to carry those burdens.  And though Jesus has already been born at the right time, in the right place for all of us, I can still anticipate what He will do to renew a right spirit and know He’s not given up, even while I feel like doing so.

We have 21 days to anticipate change before Christmas,  joy in the morning and that the God who parted the Red Sea and won’t let us drown either.



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3 thoughts on “When Christmas Burdens

  1. Have a baking exchange with your older girls. Each bake a dozen cookies for those participating and then swap. You’ll have lots of different treats to share and it will be fun. A big family has a lot of possibilities! I sure know what you mean by never seeming to accomplish the things you had in mind at the holidays though. Lots of ideas and yet the time goes so quickly it’s over before it begins! Perhaps if we make it Christmas all year long…who says we can’t bake the pies and cookies and have friends over for special times in June and August, right?!

    We will all always remember Matthew at this time of year. For us, we can find comfort in celebrating the birth of the only One who could make a way for us to Heaven, while grieving the loss of someone we loved. If it were not for Christmas and Easter, we would have no hope. So thankful we will be with Matthew again, someday!

    1. Thank you Paula for EVERY YEAR – both birthdays and heaven anniversary, remembering Matthew. I could not be blessed with a more compassionate sister-in-love or sister-in-Christ. You are very special to me! LOVE YOU!

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