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Hows to Choose the perfect Bathroom Lighting


hen you choose bathroom lighting, you will want your investment to reflect your choices in interior design and to pay off with a pleasant and comfortable ambiance. You will have to make important choices that revolve around existing light fixtures in your bathroom, and this can be difficult for someone without a background in design or an awareness of how lighting functions indoors can change the style and decor of a place.

If You Prefer a Casual and Relaxing Lighting Style:

The colour blue has been statistically proven to increase mood and encourage relaxation. Blue always helps visitors feel more at peace and allows them to kick back and enjoy themselves, no matter where in your home they are. Blue lights at a medium or low intensity can always lend a little beauty to an otherwise unremarkable bathroom. However, make sure you keep a particularly bright fixture above or near the bathroom mirror. This goes for all light styles, and casual lighting is no exception. Casual or soft lighting is best accentuated by dark colours on your bathroom walls. This prevents the light from bouncing too much and keeps the “tone” of the room muted, quiet and reserved. Try to avoid reddish colours or colours that clash.

If you Want to Appear Modern, Post-Modern or Avant-Garde

Stainless steel is your friend in this regard. Keeping your bathroom ultra-modern and broadcasting a classy, hip feel requires a good amount of stainless steel fixtures, arranged minimally and tastefully. These fixtures must be integrated with the existing colour of the bathroom to make sure they mesh perfectly with the decor. Avoid using high intensity light settings or levels, as this will “overload” visitors and become annoying rather than smooth and subtle. You want your style to catch someone’s interest, not slap them in the face. As for lighting colour, go for a typical yellow or white hue in the bulbs and screens you choose. You will have already made plentiful statements with your bathroom’s style, so you can afford to keep it simple with bulb choice and fixture accessories. Again, this style only works if the bathroom already reflects a sleek modern or post-modern look. Doilies and fluffy toilet seat covers will run the effect, so avoid things like these. The same goes for kitschy decorations and “nature” themed objects like wicker lamp covers and brightly coloured towels. Keep everything minimal, and the lights will do their work just fine. To get the full “look” consider investing in a granite or marble countertop for your bathroom sink.

If You Have a Small or Limited Bathroom Space

Using limited space is a difficult task for any interior designer, especially if your bathroom has little room for light fixtures. Fortunately, a small bathroom corresponds perfectly with a small bathroom lighting budget! Redecorating and setting up new lighting will always be cheaper the smaller the space. That said, remember not to overuse light fixtures or shades, as these can crowd the room. Keep lights bright or place dimmer switches at easy access locations–this will help the bathroom seem more open and welcoming. Bright, steady lighting can even make the room look larger in a trick of the eye. To accentuate this, considering purchasing additional mirrors to give the room depth. These will also refract light to give you some more illumination.

About the author:
Jim works and writes for JT Spas,
based in the UK and Ireland,
JT Spas supply luxury bathroom furniture.


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