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A Plea for Help to Save a 10 Year old girl’s life ~ Please? (& Please Share!)


ixteen years ago at this time, we were at the University of Michigan, in the middle of a long ordeal with our daughter, Jessica, after she had her first open heart surgery, many weeks near death’s door.  So many weeks we were wondering from day to day, if Jessica would make it, yet, another day.  It was our first Thanksgiving away from the rest of our kids.  Instead, Grandparents brought them to us, and we ate at a restaurant.  We were not home until the middle of January, after 11 weeks in the hospital.  

Inspire Me MondayJessica has pleaded to be tested, to see if she can be a bone marrow match for 10 year old, Bree, a young girl in our church – the same age as one of her sisters.  Because of her heart problems and the medications, there is no way she can do it, though she insists on still being tested.  She has said several times, “But what if I am the only match for Bree.  They have to test me. I’m still going to ask them to test me.”  Jessica is now 17 years old, and thriving, loving life and Jesus, looking forward to someday adopting little ones, and has an exceptional tender heart towards the young and old alike.  She can do most things.  She knows her limitations, and part of it has to do with being on coumadin, a blood thinner.  But there is one thing she cannot do that she so wants to do.  Possibly you can help her, and help someone else.  

How about you?  Can you be tested?  Possibly this will INSPIRE YOU?!?! Could you be the match for a little girl that will not survive without the bone marrow transplant?  Can you step in to do what our daughter so full-heartedly wants to do?  

Here is a message from Bree’s mom:

BreeOur sweet Bree needs a
bone marrow transplant.
She has relapsed acute
Myeloid Leukemia.
Bree is 10 years old and
is a fourth grader.
She loves Jesus, her family,
dog squeaky, Legos
and monster high dolls
in that order.
She plays the piano,
dances in a ballet class
and swims like a fish.
She is our youngest of three kids.
Please consider joining the
bone marrow registry. 

You could save a life!




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