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Five Minute Friday: Fly (on the wall!)


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flyjust said to a friend how I wish I could be a fly on the wall.  She is 40 years old and never been married.  She has a special date on Friday.  She’s excited – even wondering what to wear.  I want to be that fly on the wall to make sure the man is courteous, opens the door for her, is interested in her, listens, shares about himself too, prays before they eat, pays for her and DOESN’T kiss her on the first date!  

And no, I did not sneak along on any of my kids’ dates.  But I was the fly on the wall, looking out the window when one daughter got one of her first kisses – a big swooping kiss by the car outside!!  

When else have I been a fly on the wall? Well, I think of three times were almost like being on holy ground.  Several years ago, I was with my friend when she held on to her beautiful newborn son as his heart slowly slowed down, and stopped.  A year or so later, I was at the birth of her healthy, vibrant baby girl . . . to lean down by her face, and encourage my friend she can do it and watch her tears during contractions and whispered prayers and singing in between.  And ohhhh, the pure joy, to see her hold a precious life again!  

birthAnd then, just 8 weeks ago, to be that fly again, but in the grandma way, next to my daughter, holding her head, breathing with her, listening to her husband encourage her, as she gave birth to our first grandchild, and see the joy between her and her husband, and catch eyes with the doctor who not only delivered my grandbaby, but my last son and mouth thank you to her, for taking good care of my daughter, and granddaughter. It was pure bliss! For those moments of the new life celebration – I can almost understand what it’s like when those in heaven rejoice!

Imagine, some day we will fly to heaven . . . these joyful moments won’t ever end!  

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