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How to Train a Puppy While Keeping Your Sanity Intact

I owned “Puppy Halfway House” – a different type of pet shop that took in puppies and found homes for them for close to 15 years.  We often had to give new dog owners advice in how to train their dog.  Here is a great guest post for those needing to know how to train their puppy.


t is no secret that adopting a puppy is similar to adopting an adorable little handful.  Puppies can cause ample stress until they grow up and settle down.  It is best to train your new puppy how to behave from day one.  Puppies are best trained when owners are highly attentive, consistent, and patient.  Trying to teach a puppy the basics of being a dog can be frustrating.  It is important to invest in the right training tools in order to keep your sanity and train your puppy to be a great dog.  Get through the puppy time, and enjoy the company of the perfect dog for the next decade.

Keep Your Escape Artist in the Yard

The first item of business is to puppy-proof your house and yard to the best of your abilities.  Almost nothing is worse than the sinking feeling you can get in the event your puppy wriggles under the fence and starts to roam the neighborhood at large.  Similarly, few things are as stressful as running through the neighborhood in order to get your puppy back to his home.  Some neighbors might not appreciate frequent hot pursuits through their backyards.  Invest in a quality electronic dog fence to keep your puppy from making daring escapes.  Also, keep your puppy safe from being hit by a car or taken by a stranger.

House Training is Essential

Almost no one likes cleaning up multiple puppy accidents every day.  Train your dog to go potty outside as soon as possible.  Some dogs can get the concept in as little as a few days, but other dogs can take a few weeks to understand the difference between inside and outside.  One major setback many puppies face is figuring out what to do when you are not home or asleep.  Try to crate train your puppy for the first few weeks, and have your puppy on a leash near you when you are home.  Recognize the warning signs, and give your puppy ample praise when he gets it right.

Training Not to Bark, Chew, and Engage in Other Bad Behaviors

Electronic training collars are great training tools for different varieties of dogs.  It is important to show your dog the connection between the vibration of the training collar and a reminder not to bark or engage in other bad behaviors.  It is also important to praise your dog when he is calm and doing what he should.  Give your dog attention and a treat when he demonstrates good behavior to show him what he should be doing all of the time.  Training your dog not to chew inedible items is also important for his safety.  Inedible items can poison your puppy or block his digestive tract.

Ongoing Training

Puppies get bored easily.  Take your puppy on daily walks instead of leaving him alone in the yard.  Give yourself a chance to bond with your puppy, and give him a chance to learn how to be a good dog.  The best dogs love their families, have ample time to socialize, and get a good amount of exercise.  Teach your puppy how to grow up to be a great dog from day one.

About the author:

Ella Gray is a writer and lover of dogs, and although her own pup is far from being a puppy, the horrors of training are still fresh in her mind.  Please feel free to contact her at while she gets acquainted with the world of social media.



Beloved KEPT Child of Jesus stumbling by faith ~ Married 33 years ~ Blessed Mama of 10 beside me & 2 at Jesus' feet ~ Homeschool mama of 26 years ~ Writer * Blogger * Reviewer ~

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