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Five Minute Friday: A Manger, A Carpenter, A Cross ~ A TREE


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am thankful, for Jesus’ humbleness.  A Manger, A Carpenter, A Cross ~ A TREE

To first come to us, born in a manger, a simple wooden feeding trough that held hay for cattle, horses or donkeys.  It probably had drool from the animals on it, maybe splinters sticking out of it from it’s rough sawn pieces from a tree.  The Bread of Life where we get our spiritual food from, Who promises us we will live forever if we eat of this Bread, was born in this feeding trough for animals.

Jesus was a carpenter, following the trade of His earthly father. I wonder how often He cut down trees.  Did He think of how a tree would be made into His cross as He cut the trees into planks?  Did He ever weep upon one of those trees, knowing what He would have to endure for His people He loved so dearly?  

I’ve wondered if after He died and rose again, as people realized who He really was, did they treasure some of the things He had put together with His hands?  Maybe He made a cradle for someone or a new door?  Did these simple pieces made from a tree become heirloom pieces?  

Jesus carried a cross over His back, from a tree He created, and His heart breaking for the people He created – a tree heavy on His back; a people heavy on His heart.  That tree He was nailed to, for me, for you.  

God created us and everything around us for good, including the trees. Satan and man tried to destroy . . . God allowed the tree to be a part of good – His Son dying upon it to give us life.

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: A Manger, A Carpenter, A Cross ~ A TREE

  1. Great reminder and some sweet wonderings about what might have been. I posted on the manger and carpentry and the cross as well 🙂 Fun that God brought that to mind for both of us. Blessings!

  2. Your post is wonderful and I would echo Teresa Parker’s comment. Your writing struck in me the same feelings as well as your sweet spirit shines through your words. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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