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5 Super Cute Baby Photo Ideas

(I am a new grandma and cannot see enough pictures of my granddaughter!
What a blessing that her mama is also a great photographer!
Here are some great photo ideas for other new grandmas and mamas!)


abies are adorable to capture in photos. The first few months of their lives are incredible and parents want to remember these moments the best way possible. Here are five of the cutest ways to capture your baby in pictures.

Use a mirror Babies love mirrors! It is incredible to watch a baby look at themselves in a mirror for the first time. Mirror photography can capture a baby’s sense of wonder, their interactions with the mirror, or even see them touching or trying to kiss the mirror. Mirrors are like magic to babies which make very cute photos!

Baby sitting in a chair
Photograph your baby a newborn in a big soft chair. Then every month after that, take the same picture of that baby in that same chair. This will show how much the baby grows every month. The size of the baby will increase while the chair stays the same. Have the baby wear onesies with a number on it that shows how many months they are. This is an adorable way to capture how your baby grows over time.

Baby sitting in a hat or glove
One of the cutest ways to photograph a newborn is by placing them in their Daddy’s military helmet or baseball hat or even check out this super cute baby in a baseball glove. It can be a cowboy hat or any type of hat will do. If the parents are die-hard baseball fans, a great photo would be placing the newborn inside a baseball glove. Baseball fans would love this photo and it helps reveal the true size of the baby.

Using babies to form word art
This is best done when the baby is asleep so you are able to position their feet a certain way in which it will stay. Take the baby’s feet to form a “V” shape and put cut out letters surrounding the feet to make the word “love”. Have the baby lay in something fluffy to create a soft, beautiful photo of the baby looking as if they are spelling the word “love”. This is an adorable picture that many parents love to have for keepsakes.

Get that baby naked!
Naked babies are absolutely adorable! You can take any picture of a naked baby and it will look super cute! So get that baby naked and have them curl up in a sleeping position or just hanging out and it will be a keeper for sure! Some great ideas are having them wear cowboy boots and a hat and nothing else. You could also have the naked baby sitting in a hat, chair, or wrapped in a favorite blanket or shirt of one of the parent’s.

These are just a few adorable baby photography ideas. There are so many more photo ideas to choose from to do with a baby. Talk with your photographer and they may even have some more ideas for you and your baby to choose from to capture this precious time in your baby’s life.

About the author:
Jennifer Jones is a keen photographer and loves contributing to various blogs.
Jennifer will have her own blog up and running very soon.


Beloved KEPT Child of Jesus stumbling by faith ~ Married 30 years ~ Blessed Mama of 10 beside me & 2 at Jesus' feet ~ "Retired" homeschool mama of 22 years ~ Writer * Blogger * Reviewer ~

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