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What is the importance of Vitamin D?


o you know the importance of Vitamin D and do you know it’s one of the vitamins we lack the most? Most know that Vitamin D is important for growth especially for our children. It helps absorb calcium, and if we do not have enough Vitamin D, our bones can soften.  In children this is called rickets and in adults osteomalacia.  

Do you know the importance of Vitamin D? Do you get enough? When we are sick, or seem to have a lot of illnesses going on around us, I encourage getting extra Vitamin D because it helps with building our immune function.  I’ve also been told it can help me with inflammation, and to increase instead of taking so much ibuprofen.  Vitamin D is produced naturally in us from the sun’s ray (which is why Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin”), but because we are encouraged to use sunscreen whenever we are outside (and many make-ups and body creams include sunscreen) we are lacking it.  As we grow older, Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to brittle bones and increased fractures.  

Liquid D3

So how much salmon, sardines, egg yolks or fortified milk, cereal, orange juice, yogurt do you eat which has higher amounts of Vitamin D? Do you get at least 10 minutes of direct sunshine everyday without sunscreen?  If you do not, it may be very necessary for you to get Vitamin D, ideally Liquid D3, which is better absorbed into your body.

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