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Inspire Me Monday: Miracles Still Happen


hat’s Inspiring YOU This Week?Bree
Here’s What’s Inspiring Me . . . 

I got the text from a friend last night about Bree, a 10 year old girl in our church who has a relapse of leukemia, and needs a bone marrow transplant to survive (will you register??). Oh, such a sickening, sinking feeling. My heart aches not only for Bree, but her mom, dad, sister and brother. As I told my 10 year old daughter about her friend last night, she cried. She asked some of the questions I have in my heart that I did not dare say aloud.  How do I answer her when I am asking why as well?  Why God?  Why this little girl? Why this family?  Why, again?

A short time later I saw a post up on Facebook by my friend Anna, and it was as though God whispered to me, “Did you forget about Anna?  Oh, you of little faith.”  That nudge from God . . . inspiring me.

Anna was 17 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 4B lymphoma cancer, and in the final stages of life. An oncologist said told her she had the most cancer in her body he had ever seen.  It was in her bones along with a mass the size of a baseball in her chest. I remember her mom pointing out visible lumps on her body.  I helped her single mom make burial arrangements, so it would not have to be done afterwards.  My then 10 year old son colored her a picture and wrote on it, “I hope you don’t die. I am praying for you.”  I did not know he had done this. I would have wanted to change the words. But it was precious to Anna. And God answered his prayer and that of so many others, even as we doubted – even when we thought she was beyond getting better. God had other plans.  

From Anna: I weighed less then 100 lbs and my weight should be 145 for my height. I had seven years worth of chemotherapy given to me in 5 days. My body was blasted I could not eat. I was on life support of TPN and did not make my own blood and had to have blood given daily. My stem-cells were reinjected into my body (they tasted like cream corn and garlic). I cried for 28 days and moaned, and groaned and puked around the clock. I had no lining from my mouth all the way down to my stomach, on top of that I had sores. I am just saying this because God is faithful to bring me through. I did not know if I was going to die but I trusted if I did because of Jesus finished work on the cross for me I wouldn’t be sad to leave this world. I am thankful that He saved my life not only eternally but physically.

ANNADespite the pains and fatigue Anna daily endures as the results of all her body went through, Anna is cancer-free! She was told if she made it, she’d never be able to have children. She is now expecting their fifth child!  Her first one she miscarried. Her next two are handsome twin boys and then a little princess daughter. Now she is 34 weeks pregnant and suppose to be on bedrest for a full-term baby this time.  

Later I answered my daughter’s questions with positiveness that we know God can heal . . . look at what He did for Anna! God knows precisely where the cancer is in Bree better than any doctor or machine can ever find and of course, how to heal her. And God loves Bree so much more than her parents, her family and all her friends.  

We are praying for a match for her bone marrow transplant.  It’s easy to register.  Will you for our daughter’s friend?  

Will you pray for Bree, and her family?

Will you with us, pray for healing – for a miracle?



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