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Fast Reaction Needed with in Home Floods


oday we had a flood in our basement . . . well, just in one room.  But when the kids yell,there’s water all over the floor downstairs,” I envisioned the worst! Our youngest was trying to flush a clogged toilet over and over again and instead of it going down, water went up and over, up and over, NUMEROUS times, down to the lower level bathroom.  Yuck!  With many towels, bleach and a washing machine, I realized this is nothing in comparison with those dealing with backed up sewage systems or floods after a major storm.  We didn’t lose anything with our “mini” flood.

floodHowever, if it did happen in our home, our lower level would certainly need major flood damage restoration.  With having a family room, bedroom and a lot of storage on the lower level, where it is always more humid anyway, mold is of great concern.  I’ve read how it’s so important that carpet and furniture are treated as quickly as possible to stop any microbial growth.  It is not a matter of just getting all the water out, but also thoroughly drying it quickly too.  And then there is always the concerns of electrical components getting wet which can cause dangerous electrical short circuiting.  Especially with children not realizing the danger of this, it’s nothing to mess around with.  

Flood damage experts say that concerns arise when water has been standing in a home for more than 48 hours, .  This sure shows how important it is to get help immediately to preserve as much as possible.

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