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Creating A Safe Home For Toddlers


oddlers are a joy — not to mention a handful. Given the inquisitive nature of a young child, creating a safe home is of the utmost importance, one that requires a comprehensive approach. The good news is that accomplishing this task is as affordable and easy as ever; creating a toddler safe home and property can be done in a matter of hours. The following are some excellent ways to gain valuable peace of mind from home safety and security:

Comprehensive Alarm Use

While most people have home alarm systems, they barely scratch the surface when it comes to available alarm options. One can build upon the basic alarm system with these valuable additions:

Pool Alarm. Pools continue to be a major safety hazard for all children, particularly for those who are wanderers or left unattended. Easy to use pool alarms attach to the side of the pool and alert parents when someone has entered the pool via an audible alarm from the unit and a remote receiver that works within 200 feet of the pool.

Door Stopper Alarms. These alarms are the same size as your typical door stopper and emit a loud alert when someone attempts to opens the door. Given that toddlers can often squeeze through tight areas, these are a wise choice for any home.

Driveway Alarms. Portable motion activated driveway alarms offer valuable protection in the event that a little one sneaks out of the home and strays towards the street. Driveway alarms work by emitting a loud alert in the event that a person or vehicle travels by, and can also trigger remote receivers placed inside a home.

Multi-Purpose Portable Alarms. Parents can protect any area or object in their home with door, cabinet, motion sensors, and cable alarms that are placed on objects or surfaces.

Comprehensive Video Monitoring

Parents now have the ability to monitor every square inch of their property—without busting the bank. Similar to alarms, parents have the following dynamic video monitoring options:

blog1Hidden Cameras. While hidden cameras are not a necessity for young children, they do help prevent a little one from toying with them. Hidden cameras are also excellent for monitoring babysitters and kids when away from home, as many of them are Wi-Fi capable and can be viewed from smart phones, computers, and tablets. Hidden cameras are available in the form of a variety of indoor and outdoor household objects, as well as tiny models that can be placed virtually anywhere.

Security Cameras Systems. Multi-unit surveillance cameras systems are easy to install and use. Surveillance models are available with a large variety of functions, including wireless, motion activated, night vision, and all-weather units for year round outdoor use.

Cabinet and Appliance Locks

Bargain priced plastic and strap latches are a must have for any home that has small children. Cabinet and drawer locks offer complete protection against little ones accessing dangerous cleaners, fragile items, food, and anything else that presents a safety hazard. Stove latches are a particularly important choice, as they prevent curious toddlers from playing with appliance knobs.

Parents can also opt for door and door knob locks, straps that prevent furniture from tipping over, and various multi-purpose devices that allow for creative usage. Straps and locks are available in magnetic, adhesive, plastic, and other materials that provide total protection while allowing for easy access for older children and adults. One can also back up these locks with alarm systems on doors, drawers, and appliances in the rare event that toddlers are able to open latches.

Incorporating alarms, surveillance, and safety locks and latches is the best way to toddler proof a home and surrounding property. Toddler safety equipment is often affordable, easy to install, and easy to use. When it comes to family, knowing that a home is as safe as can be is something that everyone should enjoy.

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