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AbeyoMarqz Clothing – vibrant, colorful, eccentric & eclectic styles


think my younger girls are missing all we were doing last year with wedding planning for two weddings (for twin girls), just five months apart.  They tell me they are in the mood for new fancy dresses and jewelry, and I need to look at the AbeyoMarqz catalog on line.  “Well, I am not sure if we can do this right now“, I tell them, “but I will look.”

blogOf course, mom’s idea of fancy and what I’d choose for them to wear is quite a bit different than what they want to wear.   They want the (too) short skirts . . . I am thankful that leggings are in and helps with the modesty.  The AbeyoMarqz clothing is very vibrant, colorful, eccentric, and eclectic styles, which includes mixing textile textures and mixing prints with solids.  My teens and young adult daughters are definitely drawn to this style.  

As we were looking around I found a bracelet I really liked and it’s reasonably priced ($24).  It’s a wide pearl and diamond-look bracelet that’s adjustable.  It looks classy (a mom kind of classy!) It could easily be dressed up for a wedding or even worn very casually.  

ringI also found a unique ring – it’s an attached two finger ring.  I had never seen one of these before and then one of my girls told me that I am way behind and these have been “in” for awhile!  This ring is only $10 and would make a great gift.  

blogAbeyoMarqz has quite a bit of variety on their webpage for all different styles and tastes. I also greatly appreciate they are taking an active role to “Kick Cancer in the Butt”.

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