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Hokanson Carpet & Rugs


eading and researching on the successful entrepreneur, Larry Hokanson, I was quite impressed with how quickly he advanced to the premier position in the custom rug industry and is known around the world for exquisite custom rugs and carpets. He began Hokanson Carpet as a single-man operation in 1987 and now has full-service showrooms in New York, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Boston, along with production facilities in Canada and Thailand.

rug2Mr. Hokanson grew up in a middle-class family in Chicago. His luxury carpets and rugs can be found in prestigious homes (and even planes!), executive offices, designer boutiques, and many state Governor’s Mansions.  He has also helped design rugs for presidents, including both George Bushes and Bill Clinton. RUGThe first President Bush had one made for the White House Oval Office which was a pale blue-gray rug with the presidential seal in the middle in shades of gold and cost $28,550 which was paid for by private donations.  Many may have seen a Hokanson Rug on Jay Leno’s set.

Anyone who may be looking for an elegant, luxurious carpet or rug, can certainly find precisely what they want from the beautifully crafted Hokanson CarpetOnly the finest silks and wools are used,which are custom spun and then dyed by master colorists. Exotic yarns are used for sophisticated contemporary designs and many are amazed of the unexpected combinations of textures and fibers that are used. Quality and design are of utmos.t importance with the Hokanson Carpet name, along with having one of the fastest production times in the industry.  

Hokanson Carpet can be found on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest. (Do a search on Pinterest for Hokanson Rugs – WOW!  What beauty can be found!)

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