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Sunshine drowns Sorrow


here have been two funerals at our church in the past week,  one of a man who died in an accident on his way to church and another of a man who had been battling cancer for some time. Both bring about sadness, especially seeing the widows so filled with sorrow. Though I do not know their specific sorrow in losing a spouse, I know that death sorrow that hurts the heart so much and I ache for them.

Yesterday I helped out at our church with the funeral luncheon and my 19 year old son drove me to church.  I had to really get after him to get going, but being the typical always running late,19 year old, he had to spray his Attract-Some-Girls cologne on one more time.  Finally we were on our way and he looks at the clock and tells me he can have me there in five minutes. The church is a good 10 minute drive. I just shook my head and braced myself.

He drove decent, most of the way, but when we got on the road our church is on, he sped up. He kept looking at me out the corner of his eyes to see how I was reacting, getting a half-smile smirk on his face. I was watching the speedometer go over 80 mph. I just held on tightly, trying to be non-reactive. He was waiting for me to scold him.  But I was also seeing the glimmer in his eyes and that silly smile that did not bring sorrow, but but a sweet reminder to my heart of his older brother, now in heaven. The kids do not always like it if I bring up to them that something of them reminds me of Matthew, but this was good – and I could almost hear Matthew say, “I  got you there in time, Mumsie!” where this son said, “Got you here, MotherBob.

Two Shoes Tuesday

“And God protected us and kept us safe”, I wanted to say, but instead, smiled, and thanked him for the ride and silently prayed he’d drive safely when he left.  At least I did not hear his tires squealing out of the church parking lot.

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4 thoughts on “Sunshine drowns Sorrow

  1. I’m delighted to have you joining us for Two Shoes Tuesday this week, with this piece that made me smile in the midst of the sadness of funerals and losing loved ones. I would have been the mother grumbling about the speed, and instead you found something in the sparkle of an eye to warm your heart and help you keep your tongue. No harsh words were spoken and surely the angels got you safely there on time! Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Loni!

  2. When I was a much younger man I was driving a group of work mates to our country work site. I was speeding and whilst most were silent, one tapped me on the shoulder and said he would prefer to walk from now on. That was a turning point for me and never again did I endanger the lives of those I was driving. I do hope your son learns that lesson soon too and to drive with love.

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