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Why do so many people move each year?

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hough I have not moved into another house in over 21 years,  and do hope to down-size at some point,  I still cannot imagine moving every year or even every five years.  Looking at the chart above, and realizing that there are families that do move every year, the only advantage I can think of is ….  less clutter! Less stuff would certainly mean less stuff to pack!  

blog1So I am wondering why do people move so much?  In doing research, here is some of the main reasons I found: 

  • Major changes in the economy
  • Divorces have doubled over the past 30 years resulting in many moves and sometimes moves can instigate a divorce.
  • Job moves
  • Graduation from college or retirement, marriage and other status changes.

Dr. Fred Goodwin, host of National Public Radio’s “The Infinite Mind,” agrees to the above, but also believes, Americans have always been a nation of movers.  And we are an immigrant culture. Most of our forbearers were immigrants.

Dr. Goodwin also considers that it “is the possibility that that has something to do with our genes, because risk-taking and stimulus- seeking, which are adventurous, are two of the things that go into that risky business of moving, are in fact influenced by genetics. So, in a certain sense, we may have inherited some of these tendencies to be explorers and to be risk-takers, which explains I think some of the unique strengths of this country, as well as some of our problems.”

Dr. Goodwin continues to say that not every move is wonderful, it should be well thought through instead of  moving after a major life status change, and it is particularly hard on teenagers for moving.  

I am thankful that we have lived in the same area for over 21 years, and that so far, our children are all relatively quite close in proximity



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