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Bridal Sarees & Jewelry


sareeaving gone through the three weddings of three of our children in a very short time, our younger girls are dreaming of their weddings someday.  There certainly has been a lot of wedding talk and play around here.  As a homeschool mom, it was a great way to introduce our children to other cultures and what they do for their weddings.  

What has really intrigued them is Designer Sarees which many women in India wear, especially the wedding ones which are so elegant.   Though most women of South Asia wear a Saree (or Sari), we have  have learned that it is usually four to nine yards of beautiful cotton or silk fabric, many of them unstitched, elaborately draped around the woman’s body.  The most common way of draping it is by tucking one end of the Sari into their petticoat (or fancy slip) which is sometimes quite colorful and letting the other end be loose over the left shoulder.  This loose end is called the “pallao”.  When left loose, it gives a look of elegance, and if it is pleated, it becomes a formal attire. This style is known as “Nivi”.  So of course, some of my fabric has become Sarees, my girls dressing themselves all up, pretending to be princesses, brides and bridesmaids.  The picture to the right is of a Wedding Bollywood Sarees which my girls really liked.  Lacy curtains worked for this idea with my girls!

JewelryJust like my married daughters did, the girls have also gotten into the other essential part of any woman’s wardrobe – jewelry.   When my twin daughter’s married, each wore a very special piece, and then took quite some additional time finding unique Bridal Jewellry for their bridesmaids which was given as a gift the day before the wedding.  Not only do they show up in some pictures, but it’s also a memento from the wedding for her dear friends.  So, my younger daughters too, have had to search through my costume jewelry, to go all out, along with their Sarees!



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