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Using a Mailing List Still a Wise Business Investment


ith my husband still in the process of relocating his business from our home to a hardware store in a prominent area, getting the word out of this new location, and to also increase his business to help cover the additional costs, is not only time consuming, it also can be expensive.  Word of mouth and return customers definitely helps, yet, he needs more visibility.   The newspaper works, but not like it used to.  It seems fewer and fewer people are actually reading it, or just finding highlights of the paper to read on the internet.  

postcardsSomething that we did years ago was to send postcards out with a special for an upcoming season, such as, a discount for snowblower repair in the fall season.  We first found mailing list companiesgot free quotes, and then figured out which was the best for what we needed.  It worked very well, and many of those customers continue to come back for service work.  Just as my husband tries very hard to be personable with his customers, we found a mailing list company that gave the option of either doing it all through their website or on the phone, speaking to a live person, and getting a quote and  then after payment, being able to get the list within minutes.  

So we are at that stage again, looking into our options, and though it may seem old-fashioned in the sense of not doing our advertising online, potential customers getting something in their mailbox they can stick up on their refrigerator, seems to draw the right amount of customers we need and adds in a touch of personalization the customers like.



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