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Looking for Online Deals?


o very often through the years, many would ask us how we could afford certain things with a large family.  The standard of living is expensive.  Kids in general are spoiled with having so much available, that parents hand over to them, when, many times, parents cannot afford either, but they put on the credit card.  Not that we have it all down right, but I do not think our kids were too spoiled, and they learned early in their teens that we could not accommodate their clothing styles, the latest video games or the snacks the snacks they preferred.   They learned to look for jobs, from the neighbors to extras at home.  And they saw how we looked for the best deals, from shopping at second hand stores to finding discount shopping deals 2013 online.  

blog1Often my kids saw the stack of coupons, and our doing research when we needed to buy a larger priced item, searching for promo or discount codes along with looking for deals on many online stores and services.  When our older children graduated from high school they were blessed with many monetary graduation gifts which they used toward getting a new laptop computer. They found out  fast how quickly the money disappears.  The neat thing was, they would ask for our help and want to look up laptop computer deals, and they found them!  It saved them a lot of money, helping them to not use up all of their graduation money at one time.  One of our sons wanted some extra things for his computer to upgrade it more and he was able to find discount PC components.  

Yes, it takes some extra time to do the research, but it also takes a long time to acquire the hard earned money.  However, it’s well worth the extra work looking online for discounts and online shopping deals which many times includes promo codes, free shipping deals, and online coupons.  One of the best places to start is



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