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Yes, I like Nurse Scrubs . . . and I am not a nurse!


aving just spent numerous hours in the hospital with our daughter  who just gave us the gift of our first grandchild, once again, I’ve noticed all the beautiful hospital scrubs again.  I like scrubs!  After our other daughter spent many months in the hospital with several open heart surgeries, and many doctor office visits with eleven children, we’ve seen MANY doctor and nurse’s scrubs.  And, many times, I think it tells some of their personality.  I love the fun ones, with cartoons or bright colors that certainly catches the attention of kids and can be a great distraction. And those cute scrub hats that are vibrant, and do not come across so “medical” are such a great addition!  


I have enjoyed looking at to see the various lovely and professional scrubs. I still enjoy the soft warm colors, especially this past week after our grandbaby’s birth.   And yes, even the ones where an office may have all the nurses look alike, that are clean, crisp and professional looking, can give a very good first impression.  I’ve noticed in some doctor’s offices, the nurses and doctors wear regular everyday clothing, and I just do not like that as much.  Maybe they want to come across as more personable, yet, I think it takes away some of the professionalism.  

What catches your eyes with the doctor’s and nurses’ hospital scrubs?  Do you have a favorite?  



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