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The United Kingdom’s Green Deal


t has been quite interesting to read about the various government programs in the United Kingdom (UK), especially for saving on energy costs.  blogt is called The Green Deal, which allows for energy savings improvements to homes and businesses, including, insulation, draft proofing or double glazing. Double glazing works by putting two glass panes in a window frame with a small one cm wide gap between the two panels. This kind of works like a glasshouse and a thermos flask combination, still allowing sunlight to come through and giving insulation as well. There are even allowances given towards renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels and/or wind turbines.  

This is not free money, but if approved, it can be paid back through the owner’s electric bill.  It is done this way so that the Green Deal stays with that specific approved property.  If you move before it is paid off, you no longer are paying on it, but the new owners are notified of it, and required to pay on it until it is paid off.  However, there is a process that needs to be followed to be approved for this. 

After applying for The Green Deal Scheme, an assessment of the property needs to be done to see what energy improvements can be made and figuring out if it is worth the money by how much money will be saved each month with the improvements.  If the energy savings outweighs the cost of improvements then it is more likely a loan will be given.  Then, an approved Green Deal provider must do the work.

There are also a specific Insulation grants uk which upgrade cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and upgrade ineffective or old boilers.  This is a grant, so it is not paid back, and if one does not qualify for it, then it is best to proceed to apply for The Green Deal.  Those that are receiving a Pension Credit, Child Tax credit or have an income less than £15,860 ($25207.88 USA dollars) may very likely be approved.  

I found this all to be quite interesting, especially with the grants, which stay with the home and yet are a great energy improvement.



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