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Updating a Kitchen & Bed & Breakfast Kitchen


e have a friend that owns a Bed & Breakfast and another that owns a Coffee Shoppe. We have seen the scrutiny they have been under, and the importance of them having quality items, especially for their kitchens.  For the most part, the items they need cannot be purchased from the local discount store, but needs to be top durable and of professional quality. Our friend that owns the Coffee Shoppe also caters to outside business meetings and various parties and had to purchase catering equipment so she had enough items for both her shoppe and when she caters.

The area that my friend really focused on for her Bed & Breakfast was to have the reception counters be very warm and welcoming and an area easy to communicate with potential guests.  She did not want a glassed-in window area to make a division between her and her guests, but an area she could easily greet her customers and take them to see the rest of the Bed & Breakfast.  She wanted the home feeling to be felt throughout her whole place.

And she has done a lovely job, from the main dining and kitchen area, to  the various guest’s bathrooms and then to the bedrooms.  Each bedroom has it’s own historical theme.  But my favorite place of both the Coffee Shoppe and the Bed & Breakfast is the front porches. Both have have Optic Fibre Cable, so it’s a great place to escape with my laptop.  While one is in a more public place overlooking the highway, there’s usually several women chattering and laughing.  The other is tucked away from any main roads, and all you see is beautiful tall trees and deer, rabbits, squirrels and pheasants making their occasional appearance.  The various bird feeders draws in numerous birds, including cardinals and humming birds.  It is such a relaxing place, that I could easily spend hours reading and writing there. 



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