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Thankful Thursday ~ 17th Birthday


oday is our daughter, Jessica’s 17th birthday.  Yes,  in our family, there are a lot of birthday celebrations!  But for many years, we wondered how many birthday’s she would have.  When she was first born (and my only homebirth, as well), our pediatrician/friend found a heart murmur and the next day, it was still there.  We were put into a whirlwind a few days later when it was discovered she had numerous heart defects.  Three open heart surgeries later, after many times being told, she probably won’t make it to only a forty percent chance of making it through a surgery, along with her most recent one done emergently, we now fast forward to today, and we are very thankful for God extending our loan for over 17 years now!    

Taken a few weeks ago, after her haircut donation to Locks-of-Love
Taken a few weeks ago, after her haircut donation to Locks-of-Love

She is a girl of strong faith . . . has taught me a lot . . .  and has a strong, feisty personality that has kept her fighting for not only what she believes in but to help her beat the odds.  She is our first child to venture from homeschooling to going to a charter high school.  She’s not afraid to share her faith to students and teachers.  She knows her limitations with her heart (especially with being on a blood thinner) and yet, does not use it either.  She has a very soft place in her life for young children and senior citizen aged people.  She is not worried if she can have children . . .  she has her heart set on adopting . . . and wishes we would too so she can help!  

We have learned in more ways than one, that life is fragile, yet the same cannot be said of Jessica.  She has wanted to be a kid in many ways, do as much as she can and not point out the barriers, yet has dreams and ambitions for her future, and we see God fulfilling the desires of her heart because she has Him close to hers.  I am very thankful for the 17 years we have been blessed with Jessica, and anticipate with her how the future will unfold.




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