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Information Article: How Much is it to Freeze Your Eggs?


ccasionally I just go way out of my box and read on something that I’ve never even thought of or considered.  Yes, I have read the personal and political concerns with egg freezing, I am intrigued why every day type women would choose to do this.  I certainly can understand a young woman suddenly faced with cancer, and told of all the various types of chemicals and harm that will be done to her body to rid her of the cancer, and yet she has such a heart’s desire to still someday be pregnant.  Of course, there is adoption, but, for some, the wanting for a child of one’s own flesh and blood outnumbers anything else.  It’s then before the medical procedures a woman may choose to freeze her eggs.  Others who are waiting to have children, possibly while a spouse is in the service or and she wants to wait to later, normal childbearing years.  Or a woman who has a family history of early menopause may consider freezing her eggs.  Women who do this must be between the age 21 and 31.

Of course as I am reading, I am also wondering how much is it to freeze your eggs and began looking into detailed information regarding the cost.  It certainly is not cheap, yet, how can we put a value on our children?  I cannot imagine not having children in my life . . .  and now looking forward to having grandchildren.  I cannot imagine one of my children going through the heartache of infertility or the idea that they may not be able to have children to save their life in what they are presently going through.  I can understand that deep desire to do whatever I could to want to enable myself to have children once I am healthy again, and cost, if at all possible, would not be a factor.  I’d just do it.  Not only is saving eggs like a savings account for future children, but how much it costs to freeze my eggs, would also be another savings account for my future children.  It would be work, but, children ARE work!  It just starts a little earlier than anticipated.

As I have read through  various women’s heartfelt stories, and how others question how much it is to freeze your eggs,  it can be read between the lines that it almost becomes a necessity for these women that they know they have done all they could to preserve their future heritage.



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