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Liquid Vitamins for a Healthier Lifestyle


hen I think about the times I have felt the best, it’s been when I have been eating more wholesome foods and taking vitamins on a consistent basis.  I kind of go in waves with it.  Both my husband and I have done a lot of research through the years, on good nutrition and the best vitamins.  I personally have found that liquid health supplements have been some of the best to take.  I took them mainly when I was pregnant and afterwards while nursing and I know it helped so much, especially with my energy levels.  The reason I chose liquid vitamins is because, especially when I was pregnant, I knew I could get it into my body quicker, rather than a pill just sitting in my stomach, and my getting sick on it.  Then realizing that overall this is better anyway, because liquid vitamins can be assimilated immediately into our blood stream and it can also be three to five times more concentrated than the pill or table form.

Well, being I am hitting a half a century old now, I’ve been thinking more again of my health.  I need energy for sure, especially with my first grandbaby coming!  I’ve been doing more reading on various vitamins, and have found that Next Step Nutrition is something I am interested in and am considering.  Many times, I try to get my energy boost from coffee or chocolate.  With their Liquid Health Energy & Stress, it has great source of the B vitamins, especially B1 and B6 which help both with energy and helping the body to manage stress.  Along with the B’s it also has ginseng which also helps the body deal with and manage stress.

With coming on the cold and flu season, it may just be the right time to implement this into our family lifestyle. Especially for children in schools who are exposed to so much, it’s ideal to give them a good multiple vitamin and then, having Liquid Mega Dose Vitamin C on hand to help conquer those nasty bugs.  Being it’s liquid, it so easy to hide it in the kid’s juice without them even knowing they are taking it!

There is a lot to consider when working towards a healthier lifestyle.  It sure helps when there is some good nutrition in liquid vitamin supplements to help move towards that.



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