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Inspire Me Monday ~ Week 88


t’s my birthday today. And as I have done every birthday since I knew I was adopted, is think of my birth mother, probably even more so since having children.  I cannot imagine giving up a baby, my own flesh and blood.  I’ve often thought that it must be to many moms, a death.  And I know what that feels like, being we had a stillborn daughter.  I am thankful she gave me life, that she did not go to some hidden doctor’s office and have my blob of tissue wiped out of her.   So who inspires me now with this?

There are several.  In the last couple of years I’ve gotten to know a gal who gave up her daughter for adoption.  Her daughter is now about 16 years old.  It was an open adoption, so my friend is able to see her daughter every so often.  I just met her daughter last weekend.  What a beautiful story on both sides – missionaries who were not able to have children, being enabled to have children, and for the mom who gave her up to be rewarded with seeing her daughter mature and grow up in a good home and most of all, to be happy for her, with no regrets of giving her up.  

We have other friends who have been foster parents, now adopting, including a child who has serious health problems with seizures.  When they first got her, she was not having the seizures.  But this family has kept on loving her, and seeking the best for her health.  Besides the parents caring for her are two young girls, one in her late teens the other in her early twenties, and both are heavily involved in caring for the foster children.  These girls could be out in the “world” making lots of money, dating, partying, etc., but instead are loving on these kids.  The older daughter wrote recently, 

     Yes, things have to be done differently in our house now [since the seizures]. BUT! She can look at us, smile and even laugh! She can kick her feet and hold her head up and roll occasionally to her side. She loves music and eating her fingers and swinging in the tree and jumping in her jumperoo. But even if she couldn’t do these things, would she be any less deserving of love and family? No. It’s totally worth it guys!  Maybe you’re in the middle of a homestudy for your adoption… maybe there’s a baby like [baby girl] who needs you. Maybe you’re done raising your kids and are being called to start all over again with a baby like [baby girl] who NEEDS you (like my parents are!). Please be open to how the Lord will use you! Kids like [baby girl] are not and should not be scary. 

Yes, these families inspire me, when I’ve had rough days . . .  when I think of my past, when my heart hurts for my adoptive parents and my birth parents and the voids I’ve had . . . when I can see how God ordained where I was and has put the puzzle pieces together in such a way as only He could.  When I see what God protected me from, I am in awe.  

God continues to inspire me in the context of His family because I am

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