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Hip & Back Pain Relief Needed


nfortunately, I am one that deals with a lot of back and hip pain.  In the past six months or so, both my doctor and chiropractor have told me it will be something I will have to learn to live with, be careful with, and may eventually need surgery for.  I have the spine of someone ten to fifteen years older than I am.  Though I have good bone density, arthritis is definitely evident. There are some days I have such horrible back pain, it is extremely painful to walk up the stairs.  I do not like taking a lot of pain killers, but some days, that it is the only way I can function.  But then, depending on how much I have to take to hide the pain, it can make me groggy.  It can be a battle.  I am thankful that going to the chiropractor gives me some relief.  However, I’ve been reading on other options as well, and I certainly want to avoid surgery for as long as possible.  

Here is something I had never heard of nor have I seen.  It’s called a HiHip which can be ideal for hip pain relief.  It’s purpose is to keep the waist and hips warm with an inbuilt heating and vibratory massage which promotes blood circulation.  It also helps promote good posture and spinal alignment which can help reduce hip and back pain.  I am one that ends up sitting a lot because of the back and hip pain.  Using this HiHip when I am sitting, can possibly help to relieve pain, so I can move around more – thus BOTH helping for some recovery!  Maybe I can recover a younger back again!

The HiHip is not only good for those with back and hip pains, but can aid women after they have had a baby to possibly help the pelvis and pelvic muscles to re-knit and realign correctly along with these post pregnancy exercises.  Being I’ve had twelve babies, these have probably been my set-backs each time.  

The HiHip is something I’d love to try for some pain relief and to be less medicated.



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