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Schools, Teachers, Parents & Students will need Common Core Standard Guidance


hen considering CCSS or other ways to mentor young people, one of the biggest things that you should consider is the role of motivation. In many ways, this is more important than anything else that you do. Young people are very capable of living excellent, meaningful lives. They often just do not feel motivated enough to do it. There is nothing wrong with them, but you have to find a way to create the motivation that they need to harness their potential and become as successful as they can be.

There are a few different ways to do this. One of the most effective strategies is just to show them what they can be and what they can do. They might not fully grasp exactly what they can get for themselves. They might not completely understand what putting in the effort at a young age will be able to do for their future. They just lack perspective since they are still young. You have that perspective, though, so you can help them significantly if you can make them see what the future holds.

You may want to consider showing them the success stories of others. For instance, examine how going to college was able to change someone else’s life. Show how it opened doors and altered their career path and their overall happiness. Young people will be able to latch onto a vision of what they want for themselves, and then they will be motivated to try and make it real.



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