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Five Minute Friday: RED


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he color RED makes me always think of my son, Matthew.  Red was his favorite color.  He’s been gone to heaven now, over 8 1/2 years.  He was 16 years young, and still missed very much.  I do not write about him nearly as much as I used to, which is why I even started blogging.  He’s not forgotten, but there is joy again and there are new normals.  We continue to learn how to live without him. But, certain things bring back that day he quickly left for heaven, and when I have the chance to share, I do, because, I continue to hope and pray, his death will save another’s life.  

Matthew died in our home just two weeks before Christmas in 2004.  He accidentally hung himself. Two younger brothers found him.   He was doing something stupid – the “choking game” which is not a game at all, but it took his life quickly without him being able to stop and save himself.  Thankfully, without a doubt we know he knew Jesus personally, and we will see him again. He was washed by Jesus’ red blood, that can save anyone.  He had a burden for other’s souls.  He talked of being a missionary. Satan knew this – and knew where to find that weakness that Matthew fell to.  Yet, we all have done foolish things we get caught up in.  But how, when and where he learned of it, we will never know.  

However, I continue to share about Matthew when the opportunity comes, because there are kids doing this every day.  School has just started and this is the most likely place kids will learn of it – and possibly even try it for the first time – when others are around and the risk of death is less (though can cause brain damage every time it’s done).  And then the risk is so great, when it’s tried alone.  Studies estimate that 6-16% of teens have tried this dangerous pass-out game, however, other reports indicate the numbers a lot higher and the Choking Game awareness site indicates this as the top dangerous behaviors that need to be on parents’ radar.  

So, with the color RED being the word for Five Minute Friday, I hope our story, Matthew’s story and the story that Jesus continues to write in our lives and allows us to share, is in BRIGHT FLASHING RED – causing someone new to stop, read and pay attention, to know the signs that we missed, to talk to your kids just as you do drugs, drinking and sex.  I am specifically praying that moms reads this and sit down with her children this weekend, and shares her concerns, and show them a picture of my son, and tell them, kids do die.  The choking game or pass-out game is not a game.  It’s a death warrant waiting to be served.

I am praying that the color red, will be your reminder to share, before it’s too late.  I pray often another family does not have to bury their child because of this game. And someday in heaven, I will know because of Matthew’s death, other lives are saved.

I am thankful for my hope and assurance and Matthew to be . . . 

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