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Information Article: The Importance of Laptop Backup


onight there was a major house fire, about a mile from our house.  Of course the main concern, is that the family has gotten out safely and that the firefighters (several of whom we know) stay safe.  But then, I imagine, the family very concerned about things they may never recover.  I know I’d be heart broken if I lost irreplaceable pictures – many from before they went digital.   And then, there’s many pictures on my laptop and in my camera, that I have not saved.  If they were gone, they’d be gone forever.  I’d be heartbroken.  I also have a sister-in-law who had a laptop stolen right from her house while she was in her backyard. There were newborn baby pictures never to be replaced.

Unfortunately, I have also had to learn the hard way. I have gone through it a couple of times, where my computer has crashed and I have lost all my pictures and lots of important records and writings.  With having a home business, the record keeping is very important.  So, we have had to consider a laptop backup and I am thankful to see there is something for small businesses, and it can be done as a “pay-as-you-go” to a secure off-site location.  From what I have read, it looks as though it’s easy to install and use and then, if needed, there is a fast data recovery service, all of this available 24/7.

As more and more businesses, both public and private, small and large, are using computer data, with little paperwork, it is so important to have the back-up and be able to recover it when needed.  I can imagine the peace of mind this can be with a major crash and it is certainly something to consider.



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