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Five Minute Friday: WORSHIP


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here are so many ways this word, WORSHIP, can be taken. I could tell you about our amazing church, the worship services that are God-inspired from the first song that starts to the last amen at the end of the service. I could tell you how my heart is often touched, from even a simple prayer, a song that hit’s my heart, or the pastor’s sermon that I am sure was meant just for me.  I could tell you some cute stories of the things my 6 year old son picks up on, even when I think he’s not listening.  

But, instead, I will share with you, how God has changed my heart with worship.  The worship services at church really are not about how they affect my heart, though it’s definitely a side blessing.  We go to worship God.  It’s about Him.  It’s about my attitude to Him, even when I’ve had a rough morning (or week) and “I” really do not want to go because I know my heart is not right.  It’s about worshiping Him, despite how my week went.  It’s not about who is around us in the way they may be worshiping God – or appearing to not worship God.  It’s easy to judge people – such as the person who may never pick up the hymnal and not sing.  Maybe he or she just needs to hear the music and worship God in the silence of his or her own voice.

And how I worship, or I how I look, is not a grading of my relationship with God.  I’ve been there.  I’ve had several friends on the pedestal whom I thought I should be like – in the way I dressed, what Bible I used, or books I read.  I thought I’d learn to be more godly and closer to God if I did as they appeared to do, because their relationship with God was what I wanted.  I was so so wrong.  They failed me.  I was not looking past them, to how God wanted me to worship Him and what God wanted me to be.  It can  be scary when we follow others, that almost become like our idols in the way Christians should be rather than how our Father God wants us to be.

A time to worship is not just once or twice a week either at church.  If Paul and Silas could worship in prison with the worst of circumstances, I can worship God in the morning when my heart aches and I’ve not gotten enough sleep, in the afternoon, when the bills have come in and I don’t know where the money is going to come from, or in the evening when the kids have tattled one too many times and bickered over who is going to sit where in the van.  I can worship Him because I had a comfortable bed to sleep in, hot clean water in the shower, a variety of food to pick from and children who will sing Jesus Loves Me one minute and pinch the next minute and back to loving each other the next.

I can worship through tears, because God understands me.

I can worship in joy because He amazes me!

I can worship Him because I am

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7 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: WORSHIP

  1. Great post. I do my best worshiping at home. Not just on Sunday mornings. You have the right perspective! 🙂 Stopping by from #FiveMinuteFriday. Have a great weekend!

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