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Thankful Thursday


gain, life seems like the fast forward button is being held down and it’s stuck. One of our older sons moved to another city – just over an hour away, which I know is really not that far, but it’s a first for us.  He’s a hard working boy, which I am thankful for.  He is opening a cellular repair store and managing it.  It’s near a university, so I am sure he will be quite busy.  I am thankful for his hard work, his interest in repair and that God gave him the ability to understand it and figure it all out.

And then his sister, just over a year younger than him, also got a job at one of the cellular repair stores and starts next week. Her twin sister, due in less than three weeks with their first baby, is taking senior pictures on a regular basis. Our oldest son is working hard in the construction business, putting in many long hours each day. And our youngest son of working age also started working to sell for a major phone company their services, walking miles a day, knocking on doors, telling folks about the new service in their area. It’s hard work.   This is not even telling about the spouses of our three older kids – who are also hard workers. 

I guess I am just in awe, of an economy that is still difficult and jobs that are hard to find in our area, that all our older kids have good decent jobs  But then again, our God does provide, doesn’t He?  I am so thankful for His provisions for our children.



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