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Information Article: Home Buying Options


t’s been an exciting time in our family with so many GOOD changes.  Three of our older children were married within the last two years.  Now one of these couples has bought their first house, and the other two are looking for a house.  Thankfully, in our area that was hit hard by the economy dive, homes are selling and going fast.  So, if the kids find one, they have to get an offer in quickly.  But before they even could look for a house with a Real Estate Agent, they had to be pre-qualified.  They listened to their agent who recommended several different places to check into.  For those in New Zealand, one place that may be recommended is Christchurch Broker.  

rent to buyThere’s been various options for the kids in buying a house, such as several different government programs along with a land contract or Rent to Buy.  This last option is especially recommended if there’s been a job change within the last two years or if one is self-employed and does not have records for the past two years. It  may also be an option if it is not feasible to put down the typical 20% down payment.  This is why it is important to get a real estate agent who knows what he or she is doing, and where to direct for the best financing. 

 Coffee Pump PotI think one of the best parts for our daughter and her husband in getting their own house, was being able to make it theirs by decorating it with their personalities engraved into it.   And then to be able to entertain family and friends better than at their small apartment. They also both love to cook and love coffee, and finally have room, including counter space,  to add more kitchen equipment.  They even bought a nice coffee counter with two stools to go with it, to mainly have for their special coffees and for guests to help themselves.  And of course they are getting the baby nursery ready too, for our first grandbaby due in less than a month!

This newest little starter home for a daughter and son-in-law is a very welcoming home and I look forward to the other two couples find a home too!



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