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GUEST ARTICLE: Freshman Guide: What to Look Forward to in FAMU


hoosing a school to attend college in, is perhaps one of those life-changing decisions that a person makes in his lifetime. The university you enlist in plays a pretty major role in how your career will pan out eventually. As such, this decision-making process should be taken with serious consideration.

One of the top choices for American high school graduates who aspire to become professionals in the fields of agriculture and engineering is Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) located in the city of Tallahassee. It offers a total of sixty-two bachelor’s degree programs and is perched on a hill that covers an area of 422 acres.

Incoming freshmen of any program in FAMU have a lot to look forward to as they enter the threshold of college life. Here are some of the things that any freshman can expect in this prestigious Floridian university:

The weather

Since Florida is known as the Sunshine State, its inhabitants enjoy a sunny weather roughly 360 days a year, with barely any snowfall during winter. If it’s your first time in this part of America, be sure to pack less of those thick coats and more of light, cotton clothing.

Cultural and ethnic backgrounds

While FAMU was known to be an academic institution for African-American enrollees, nowadays its general student makeup is composed of different ethnicities and nationalities.

Campus neighborhood

One of the best things about this university in Tallahassee is that it is located in a very student-friendly community where restaurants serving quick to-go meals and intimate dinner places can be found. Moreover, there is quite a huge number of apartments near FAMU and there is even a village that is highly concentrated with college students — making it a favorable and convenient dining hub for FAMU students.

Student population

Every year, roughly 12,000 students are enrolled in FAMU. These enrollees come from different parts of the United States as well as other countries like China, Bahamas, Netherlands, Brazil, Egypt, and Trinidad. The most popular undergraduate courses include the following: psychology, journalism, architecture, and computer information sciences.

Freshmen orientation

If it’s your first year in college, the FAMU will be providing campus tours and freshmen orientation classes. Make sure that you don’t miss any of these as your participation will definitely expedite your mastery of the campus’s every nook and cranny. Moreover, there are also orientation sessions for parents which generally take place for two and a half days. It’s also important to take note of the registration fees required for these orientation trips.

Aside from the things previously mentioned, there’s still so much more to look forward to during your first year in FAMU. The first year away from the comfort of home can be challenging — with homesickness a constant and the whole adjustment process not easy to deal with. However, it’s not a totally hopeless cause; with an open mind and a positive outlook on life, being on your own can’t be that bad, especially when you are focused on the bright future that your sacrifice and hard work are bound to yield.

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