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Daily Prompt: Funny Ha-Ha

Do you consider yourself funny?
What role does humor play in your life?
Who’s the funniest person you know?


o, I do not consider myself a funny person. I think that being teased a lot of my childhood, and then with five boys that always love to tease and pull one over on mom, I get enough of the funny stuff going on. So, I got to neutralize it all!  You know how mom’s have to many times be the ones to do the discipline and lay down the law . .  . yeah . . . that’s usually me.  Every so often, something funny accidentally comes out – such as my saying to put the dishes in the fridge instead of the dishwasher.  Of course, the kids love that!  

So as far as funny, I do have four funny sons and two funny son-in-loves.   Probably my third oldest son is at the top of the list.  With homeschooling, I’d say, he’s been our family class clown.  We called him Jolly Jayson through the years.  He can mimic the nerd on Napoleon Dynamite quite well and have us all in tears from laughing. But we’ve added two son’s by marriage.  And this past week we got quite a peek at one’s humor.  

blog2He was kind of dropped into it. He’s the daddy to our first grandbaby, due next month.  Our daughter had a baby shower, and husband was invited! There were forty some women and girls attending. Can you imagine the hormones floating around?  Well, he lived it up and enjoyed the baby shower just as much as our daughter did!  He claimed responsibility to his wife’s very round belly, announcing, as he pointed at her, “I did that!”  Now imagine, girls from very young ages through their teens and women of every age, including some in their mid to late 70’s! Younger girls had questions! Oh, and the elderly women – oh dear! 

blog 3blog2And then the couple opened all the baby gifts, which were beautiful, helpful and very generous.  And my son-in-law, as Vanna White would on Wheel of Fortune, showed off and displayed the gifts very well.  There were many giggles and it certainly kept all of the girls and women entertained!  

Proverbs 17:22 says, “A joyful heart is good medicine”.  It’s a blessing to see the joy he brings our daughter and our family.



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