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Information Article: Liquid Health Prenatal Vitamin


y daughter is due with her first baby next month.  Needless to say, we all are pretty excited!  She has done real well with her weight gain and getting good.  However, prenatal vitamins have been one thing that has bothered her.  Her first trimester she was very sick and could not take them at all.  She has tried numerous times, taking the prenatal vitamins her doctor has recommended but each time, she is nauseated and/or gets sick again.  She’s tried various different kinds, including children’s chewable ones, but then there’s the concern of not getting what she should get.

blogI have been reading on the various types, and will be sharing with her about Liquid Health Prenatal Vitamin.  I am quite impressed by their webpage, which gives a lot of great information.  As the website explains, liquid vitamins contain 100% natural ingredients and wholefood which are quickly and completely absorbed by the body, where with pills, it takes awhile to breakdown, and not necessarily all is absorbed.  There are no fillers or binders in the Liquid Health Prenatal Multi, so what can be read on the label, is what is in these vitamins.

One main reason prenatal vitamins are taken is to give enough folic acid which helps prevent Spina Bifida and Anencephaly. I know several moms who have lost babies shortly after birth because of Anencephaly.  😦  The FDA recommends that women have 400 mcg of folic acid each day, and Liquid Health Prenatal Multi has 800 mcg!  I am impressed!

Not only are Liquid Health Prenatal Multi good for pregnant moms, but good to take when anticipating a pregnancy and/or for breastfeeding moms.  



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