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Understanding Cloud Hosting


o you ever click over to a webpage and it just will not load?   Later you find out that you certainly were not the only one trying to read the latest news or get the free trial offer.  The webpage crashed because of the abundance of those trying to get through.  

This is the advantage of looking into Cloud Hosting by Togglebox for your webpage, so the same thing does not happen. In very basic terms, Cloud hosting is a way of maintaining a website by spreading it across numerous web servers to allow for a more reliable web infrastructure and  the ability being able to configure more flexible servers.  It allows for each server to be used on a need basis, rather than all of it at one time, from one place and compromising bandwidth issues.  So, if I choose to use this for my blog, and have a specific time where I am going to have a drawing to get so many entries in within a certain period of time, I can choose to expand the servers in just a matter of seconds.  Then later, I can reduce the servers, and I am not wasting money on unnecessary resources.  So, making these decisions, rest up to blogger.

This can also be done automatically during peak loads by taking from another server.  Cloud computing has the ability to better Grid computing and is able to avoid a full failure when just one unit fails.

Togglebox Cloud Hosting has a 99.9% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement), meaning, this is their guarantee of the uptime on the hardware.  Along with this guarantee, they have a 7 day money back guarantee and a large selection of templates to choose from.  They also offer free monitoring and instant setup, high availability and load balancing.   



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