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{Rarely} Wordless Wednesday ~ LIVE!



esterday was one of the 11th best days ever!  

My husband and I had the great privilege of leading our 11th child to a saving knowledge of Jesus.  Completely on his own, and insisting he talk to us THEN, and after asking lots of questions, he determined he was ready to ask Jesus into his life as His personal Savior. He prayed a very simple three sentence prayer, and was beaming afterwards. It was cute, he then asked, if he would not sin anymore.  LOL!  I wish it was that easy and so we explained he can still make his own decisions.  I am sure there will be more questions in time, but it’s just very much a praise for my husband and I, that each of our children now have made this decision, and also we have had the privilege of being a part of it with our children.  God is good!
Wordless Wednesday Hop
newest child of God,
in center! 🙂


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