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Guest Post: Should Our Schools Invest In Metal Detectors?

With school about to start, this is definitely something
on the minds of parents and teacher.  My guest
guest blogger has some good thoughts to share.


his has been a very hotly debated topic for a long time now. Many schools across the country have already installed security metal detectors at entrance and exit points. Some have gone beyond the conventional practices and put in multiplier checks with security metal detectors. As thousands of other schools contemplate upon whether or not they should invest in security metal detectors and install them, it is necessary to look at the pros and cons – the arguments in favor and against.

blogA majority of people, especially parents, think that security metal detectors should be placed in schools. In some surveys, more than 80% respondents agree in favor while the rest disagree or are unsure. In many surveys, the people in favor of security metal detectors in school are more than 90%. Those who are against such a move argue that kids should not be made to walk through metal detectors. That it would have a negative impact on their psyche and some people go onto an extent of saying that schools would resemble a prison if kids have to walk through metal detectors.

Some arguments are actually pretty bizarre because there is no correlation or substantiation of the prison resemblance. Kids walk through metal detectors at all places. Whether it is a multiplex or mall, airport or the subway, kids are not unaware of what security metal detectors are. Quite frankly, some kids even love the beeping sound and they have fun with anything that is enticing. The impact on psyche is also unfounded. There is no study or any evidence that suggests, kids would be suffering from any kind of mental exasperation or undergo any major psychological changes if they walk through metal detectors.

To the positive side, security metal detectors can be a much needed safety measure, especially with so many shooting incidents in schools and public places in recent times. It is necessary to note that security metal detectors not only screen firearms and weapons but also pocket knives and anything that can be a potent danger for other kids. Bullies can be stopped from carrying undesirable items. Anyone working in a school would also be prevented from carrying in anything suspicious.

While it is true that security metal detectors wouldn’t solve all the problems as there has to be more manned security.and society at large needs to introspect.  If kids do not mind walking through metal detectors, it is at least a step towards the positive direction, then why shouldn’t our schools invest in metal detectors?

About the author:
Brandon works for PTI in the marketing department
and enjoys articles related to security. 


Beloved KEPT Child of Jesus stumbling by faith ~ Married 30 years ~ Blessed Mama of 10 beside me & 2 at Jesus' feet ~ "Retired" homeschool mama of 22 years ~ Writer * Blogger * Reviewer ~

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