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Why mom needs a blood pressure monitor: Boys & their toys!


ne of our older sons is quite carefree and many times will say and sometimes, do, whatever.   There was a day the three older boys were working on a dirt bike but just could not get it running.  They were doing everything they could but it just was not happening. Two of them gave up but the carefree son was quite determined, and he did get it running.  Before I could even think to tell him to be careful or put a helmet on, he was whipping around the yard as fast as the bike would go, doing jumps and making my hair stand on end.  He was still on it when his brothers and dad got home and before I could even scold him, he came up to all of us, all out of breath, saying, “Did you see that?  I got it running?  Did you see how fast it can go?  My hair was was flying flat back and  cheeks were even blowing back!”, as he demonstrated, pulling his cheeks back. I just stood there, shocked, at his too-much-honesty; his oldest brother, punches him in the arm, and says “You idiot” and glances at me, with my mouth hanging wide

Needless to say, he’s the son that has gotten the first car loan to get the faster, sporty car.  He’s the one who was texting ME while driving, on an icy road and slammed into a tree (I did not know he was driving).  I still hear a lot of the car maintenance talk such as which places have the quickest WOF Auckland (Warrant of Fitness),  what oil to use or best tires to buy.  He does very good in sales with his charm and honesty selling and repairing cell phones and dabbling in Internet Marketing

Well, as the mom, I continue praying for them, and continue using my Blood Pressure Monitor to make sure the newest new thing one of the kids is doing is not raising my blood pressure too much! This life is quite the adventure from weddings to mini bikes, go carts and four of our kids owning their own car.  Thankfully, our youngest drives his battery powered jeep around the yard at just the right, slow speed; his hair and cheeks do not blow back!



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