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Guest Post: Property Search Services in London


or those persons living in and about the thoroughfare of London and needing to locate property, they are fortunate to have access to the property search services provided by Irvine and Cole. The London based firm is managed and operated by Jonathan Irvine and Fabien Gathercole, the original directors of the firm, which is now over twenty years old. Both directors are well versed and experienced in all property related matters.

Together they manage a dedicated staff compliment that have, using years of experience, organised and produced a comprehensive property search service map of London. The team’s efforts support the firm’s commitment to offering the best tools for those clients needing a complete listing of properties to be used for the purposes of investments, ownership, rentals or leases.

Over their many years of operation in London, they initially acted as primary real estate sellers. Subsequently, they broadened their services to include property buyers as well. The combination of the two allowed them to have first-hand access to the best property deals without going through another agency. Their search services were greatly enhanced by this move as they effectively created a huge network of contacts on both sides of the market. Their lack of direct involvement, or link, to another property service or organization has afforded them an independence allowing them to act strictly in the interest of their clients.

This impartial advice to both buyer and seller has paved the way for faster transaction closure and guarantees the best available going market price. Using this model, of networking and fast turnovers they have, over the years, won the confidence and support of others in the property market business.

In so doing, Irvine and Cole have access to almost limitless services in London and its environs. Whether you are looking for a home to purchase or for a property to be used as an investment for future income, they have all the necessaries in-house, to place you in a better position to locate precisely what you are looking for.

At the same time it benefits you, when all the details are completed by them and you are left with little to do other than to sign a few documents. Whenever you are searching properties in London, Irvine and Cole is best set-up to identify your next acquisition or have it disposed of without delay.

They ensure that your time, money and efforts are maximized. Whilst red tape, stress and complications are minimized. They provide solutions to your needs using their sophisticated property search services.

About the author:
Written by Charlotte Newton for Irvine and Cole.


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