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Information Article: How To Solve Math Problems


athematical problems can only be solved if you are able to comprehend what is being asked. BrilliantMathematical problems have established procedures and requires you to know what to apply and also when to apply. To be able to identify procedures, you must be familiar with the problem and also be able to collect appropriate information, look for a strategy and also use the strategies well so as to be able to find solution to the problem. For you to be able to solve mathematical problem, you require to do more practice. The more practice the better you become.

Solving mathematical problems involves four steps.


  • In this category you are required to read the problem very care fully and ensure that you understand what the question is asking.
  • Underline clue words so that it becomes easy to comprehend.
  • Ask yourself this question: Have I ever seen a question that is similar to this before? If so, how did you handle it? What is similar between the two questions?
  • What do you need to do so as to get the answer? You are supposed to know how you can tackle the question.
  • What facts are given in the question? Facts can greatly help to you to find the solution.
  • What do you actually need to find out?


  • In this category, you are supposed to define and know your game plan.
  • If you saw this kind of question before, identify what you did.
  • Look for ways on how you are going to solve the problem. You can try out strategies like using formulas, guess and check, looking for pattern, using sketches e.t.c.
  • Do not start panicking if your strategy does not work because it may lead you to an ”aha” situation and later to a strategy that works.


Use the strategies that you have developed to solve the mathematical problem that is before you.


  • · This is a very crucial part. You are supposed to look over the solution that you developed.
  • Ask yourself if the solution looks probable
  • Ask yourself also if you really answered the question ask.
  • Are you sure of yourself?
  • Did you answer the question using the language that is required


When you decide on procedures or method that you will use to solve the problem, the first thing that you are supposed to do is looking for clues. Clue words are one of the most important skills that you can use to solve any problems in mathematics. If you solve problems by paying key attention to clue words, you will come to notice that some words are often symbol of an operation. For instance, clue words for addition are sum, total, perimeter and in all. Clue words for subtraction include how much more exceed and difference. For multiplication, clue words include, times, area, total and product. Clue words for division include share, average, quotient and distribute.

As seen clue words may vary a bit but they all indicate the same thing. They can help you to solve math problems  and find solution of the asked question.

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