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Inspire Me Monday – Week 83


hinking back to yesterday’s worship service, 

I am often in awe of how God reaches out to me, so specifically and personally.  Yesterday we had a communion service.  I noticed it when I walked in . . . and that was ok . . . until someone sat near me that was a major distraction.  Ugh.  I had to forgive – I knew that – but, God, now? And then our pastor prayed – specifically about the distractions around us and in our lives – even mentioned in his sermon about how we may have felt when we saw the communion set-up. Of course, it passes through my mind of, am I unworthy to be at the Table when I do have some resentment in my heart – and Pastor stressed, over and over throughout his sermon, how we are to REMEMBER HIM.  I did forgive – and it was easier than I thought – and in another way was rewarded later with it in an unusual way.  I am in awe of how God does inspire me and touches on me so directly at times.  These types of things carry me on through the rougher days, and definitely inspire me.

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3 thoughts on “Inspire Me Monday – Week 83

  1. Forgiveness toward a particular person is a tough thing for me right now. I am praying. I am staying away from the person because I feel like her actions are intentionally cruel. Pray for me. Thanks.

    1. Forgiveness can be a process . . . we think we’ve forgiven, and then a reminder comes up and we have to start all over. I understand that with someone hurting you. You do have to have boundaries. For me, it was someone that hurt one of my kids – and the mama bear comes out in me!!! 🙂

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